Hi, I’m Riqui

In the second half of 2019, I went through an intense period of depression fueled by a health scare that did not materialize but led me to audit my life. In between countless appointments and staring at the faces of unfamiliar doctors, I dug deep into my present reality. The truth was that I was caught in a whirlwind of doubts and hiding behind my roles of mother, wife, corporate worker bee, and the daily motions of life – all while neglecting myself and my own dreams. Aside from my family, these roles were not central to my purpose; corporate life and the hectic pace of the rat race were not part of the vision I had for my life. But, somehow, throughout time, I lost the coordinates to my true path and diverted from my purpose. I emerged from this “life audit” determined to reverse my direction. I decided to stop swimming against the tide of my passions and set out to make purposeful adjustments and craft the life I envisioned for myself. 

This journey to reclaiming myself and doing the things that set my soul on fire is not always easy and free of complications. I am often plagued with comparison paralysis, mom guilt, and the anxiety that is associated with uncertainty. But this path has taught me that there is strength in vulnerability, that by showing up for myself I am actively parenting and more present in my life roles, a better human being and most importantly, that there is no one greater to be than myself.

About This Site

Writing was one of those things I neglected in the past and wanted to continue with regularity. Not only is it my first love, it is also oxygenating and therapeutic for me. So, in this little corner of the internet, I share my fiction stories and document my journey to holistic wellness and what I’ve learned along the way: it doesn’t have to take a major event to take charge of your life and reverse the neglect of your dreams. I wholeheartedly believe all you need is within you.

I’m passionate about helping people who feel stuck in life, push through their fears and doubts, to design a life they love on their own terms. Too often, we believe we are moving through life alone when in reality there are others experiencing the same in their journey. I’ve been in the exact same place and while I do not have it all figured out, as I transverse through my own life with transparency and authenticity, my hope is that you see a bit of your reflection and feel a spark of inspiration to do the things that light your soul. This is also a place to explore topics on enhancing our well-being and the varied elements that fuel that process in our lives: mind and body health, intentional living, self-love and all the others. It’s where I show up to learn, share, and build community.

Wherever you are in your life, my end goal is for this space to inspire you to DO YOU. Paint your own canvas of success. Take action and stare in the eyes of your dreams and say, I gotcha. Live your amazing version of life with meaning and full of passion, purpose and good laughs (the kind that makes you want to pee in your pants). Because dammit, it feels good.